classic garden swing
classic garden swing

classic garden swing


The timeless, classic garden swing completely handmade by us in our workshop.

  • Handmade from locally sourced select grade sustainable blackbutt hard wood.
  • Hempex rope hand spliced with a generous 4m drop.
  • swing dimensions approx 700mm x 240mm x 45mm

This swing is not personalised.  (new image coming soon)

We have upgraded our rope to a polypropylene rope that is made in Holland.  It is softer, far more durable and has enhanced UV properties meaning it will last a very long time.  It looks just like natural hemp, the colour is lighter than the manila as shown in the second image. 

NB  It is your responsibility to hang the swing correctly and ensure it is both safe to use and is used safely.  We recommend having an arborist or tradesman hang the swing and that you supervise children playing with it.  You may need to supervise some adults too as a good swing brings out the child in most of us!  It is recommended that you oil the swing every six months or so as this will help protect the wood and preserve its beauty.